Health Insurance: Anytime you are on orders you are 100% covered free of charge.

During drill status (1 weekend a month 2 weeks during the summer months) Eligible for Tricare Reserve Select, some of the most competive Health Insurance and prices you can buy.

Eligible Reserve Component sponsors and their family members are eligible for TriCare Reserve Select, a premium-based, worldwide health care plan. 2012 Monthly Premium for single Soldiers is $54 (with a $150 annual outpatient deductible), and for Soldier & Family is $198 (with a $300 annual outpatient deductible.) Catastrophic Cap is $1,000.

Dental Insurance:

Guard members are eligible to receive dental insurance (Single Rate: $8.14 per month and family rate: $20.35)

Life Insurance:

Can elect Life Insurance ranging from $50,000 to $400,000 ($27.00) in increments of $50,000.