Miscellaneous Features and Benefits

Additional Income: Receive four days of pay each month for one weekend of work and paid for two weeks of annual training per year. There are "longevity" raises every two years up to 26 years of service. There are also opportunities for promotion. There may also be tax deductions available for military related expenses.  (http://www.dod.mil/militarypay/pay/index.html)

Military Exchange and Commissary Privileges: Members of the Army National Guard and their family are entitled to unlimited shopping privileges at any Military Exchange nationwide, as well as the Exchange Catalog. Enjoy savings of up to 25% on merchandise at a military exchange and also groceries at the commissary. Effective FY 04, reserve component personnel and their family members with ID cards have unlimited access to Commissaries.

Travel Benefits: Members of the Army National Guard are entitled to travel, at no charge on a space-available basis, on military aircraft within and between the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Members are also eligible for worldwide temporary lodging facilities when traveling for personal reasons.

Legal Assistance:Army National Guard JAG officers can prepare wills and powers of attorney at no cost for Guard members.

Civilian Employment Opportunities for Guard Members: Labor Ready is a national temporary employment agency with six offices located in Utah. They have offered their employment services to all members of the ARNG through the Car 16 NASCAR marketing agreement. To find the local Labor Ready office go to www.laborready.com.

  • 2012 Weekend Drill Pay:                 E-1 (> 4 months service) = $198.80                E-7 (>14 years service) = $530.16
  • 2012 Active Duty Base Pay:           E-1 (> 4 months service) = $1491.00             E-7 (>14 years) = $3976.20