19th Special Force Group (Airborne)

What kind of man are you?

Are you determined to perform every task better than the person next to you? Can you summon the strength, toughness, wits and sheer willpower to outlast a stronger opponent? Do you have what it takes to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible to achieve?

Can you do it all again tomorrow?

If this sounds like your kind of challenge, you might be ready to look into the National Guard Special Forces.

Whether you’re a Prior Service Soldier or have no previous military experience, there is a place in the Guard for fearless candidates who can outthink, outhustle, outperform and outlast the competition. If you have what it takes, you might be able to earn a Green Beret.

It will be hard. It will be more grueling than anything you’ve imagined. It will test your strength, your intelligence, your character, your toughness and your courage. But if you have the right tools, the Guard will train you for the most exciting job on the planet.

You’ll become a Warrior, ambassador and teacher, and an expert in reconnaissance, intelligence, counterterrorism and unconventional warfare. You’ll also learn how to slip into hostile areas by air, water or land, to take care of the job at hand and get back out virtually unnoticed.

To learn more about Special Forces training, requirements, jobs and traditions contact us. And then, if you’re more certain than ever that you want to be part of the National Guard’s most elite team, we’ll talk.