Deliver the Guard around the world. Bring Soldiers and supplies to the heart of the battle or anywhere emergencies call and needs arise.

  • Cargo Specialist (88H) National Guard forces need supplies, weapons, equipment and mail delivered on a daily basis, all over the world. The safe shipment and arrival at the correct destinations of any and all cargo is the responsibility of the Cargo Specialist. Cargo Specialists are in charge of the transfer of cargo and passengers to and from watercraft, docks, beaches, railheads, boxcars, warehouses, motor vehicles and aircraft. They also plan and organize loading schedules and inspect cargo for damage.
  • Motor Transport Operator (88M) The United States Armed Forces own and operate over 50,000 heavy trucks and buses. It's up to the Motor Transport Operators to operate all types of vehicles over different roads and terrain, traveling alone or in convoys in support of combat operations. Motor Transport Operators drive everything from sedans, buses and troop transports to water/fuel tank trucks and semi-tractor trailers.
  • Transportation Management Coordinator (88N) Transportation Management Coordinators organize and oversee the scheduling of troop and supply vehicles, which include semi-tractor trailers, heavy troop transports and passenger buses. Transportation Management Coordinators are primarily responsible for convoys, and for coordinating, scheduling and securing modes of transportation of personnel and equipment.