Prior Service

For many, the call to military service never stops. There’s nothing else like the adventure, the camaraderie and the pride of serving your country. If you have prior service and are thinking about continuing your military service, you need to connect with the National Guard.

The Guard’s unique dual mission—serving both the state and federal governments—offers you opportunities you won’t find in other branches. You’ll live and work where you choose. You’ll be combat-trained and equipped to defend America anywhere in the world, but you’ll be just as likely to serve in your home community—usually by training just one weekend per month and one two-week period each year.

Whether you’ve served in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, you’ll be able to combine your years of prior service with time in the Guard to stay on track toward your 20-year retirement.


  • Pay for college or earn an advanced degree with state and federal tuition assistance, well as the State Tuition Waiver Program.
  • Move into a new MOS, or move up to the next level in your current MOS.
  • Hone your leadership skills through advanced leadership schools.   
  • Combine your prior service with your Guard service to earn retirement benefits.  
  • Free military air flights based on space availability

    Medical and dental care for you and your Family (TRICARE Reserve Select)
  • Up to $400,000 in low-cost life insurance
  • Discounted and tax-free grocery and shopping privileges at post exchanges and commissaries

You already know about the action, the excitement and the sense of purpose you get from serving your country. Now you can apply your leadership and skills around the world and in your community. Put your prior service to use in the National Guard.